The Indonesian Archipelago

The Indonesian Archipelago

Consisting of 17,508 islands, of which 34% is inhabited, the Indonesian Archipelago is the largest in the world. If you wish to fulfill your Amazonian dream in a place that is not as challenging, Indonesia is the place to be. The remote islands, tropical forests, volcanoes, and multihued water bodies, there is a lot one can do in these islands. Also from a cultural perspective, there is plenty to learn from Indonesia.


The Calm White sands of Ujung Pandaran Beach

 Ujung Pandaran, Indonesia

80 kms away from Palangkaraya on the Palangkaraya-Sampit route (buses available from Palangkaraya bus station) and another bus from there to the Sampit gulf will take you to the pristine white sand beach of Ujung Pandaran...


Live with the Dayaks in the Lopus Village

 Lopus, Indonesia

Flights are available from Jakarta and Denpasar to Pangkalan Bun City (8 hrs driving distance from Palangkaraya and break of the journey here) from where a 5-hour bus ride will take you to this beautiful, quaint Dayak village in the Lamandau Regency...


A day trip to Sabangau National Park

 Sebangau National Park, Indonesia

There are two ways to go to the largest swamp forest in Indonesia...


Have an insight into the rich Dayak culture at Balanga museum

 Museum Balanga, Indonesia

At a mere 5-mins driving distance from the Mega Town Square in Palangkaraya, on Jl...


Relax on a weekday and watch the local life in KumKum Tourism Park

 Kum Kum Taman Wisata Palangka Raya, Indonesia

5 km from the Palangkaraya City (buses, cars and flights available from all major Indonesian cities) and very close to the Kahayan Bridge, spend a relaxed weekday in a stilt house with free wi-fi in Kumkum tourism park...


Stoll amidst the Buddhist temple ruins: Candi Muara Takus

 Kompleks Candi Muara Takus, Indonesia

Located at Kampar Regency, this low-key temple ruin, hidden in a jungle clearing can be reached from Pekanbaru via car in 2...


Enjoy a picturesque sunset on Barelang Bridge!

 Barelang Bridge, Indonesia

About an hour drive from Batam city via Jl Trans Barelang will bring you to the sticking chain of 6 bridges, connecting three major islands of Riau province i...


Explore the artifacts at Sri Indrapura Palace

 Rita olshopsiaksriindrapura, Indonesia

Take a 2-hour ferry ride from Sungai Duku harbor, Pekanbaru or a 2-3 hr bus ride (Pekanbaru-Pangkalan Kerinci route) to reach this Moorish-style palace turned museum on all days between 8 am to 3 pm (with an added hour on Sunday’s)...


Visit An Nur Grand Mosque, the Taj Mahal of Pekanbaru

 Masjid Agung An Nur Riau Province, Indonesia

Open from dawn to dusk on all days, this tourist spot can be visited without any entry fee! A 10 min walk via Gg Hangtuah or a 2 min drive via Gg Syuhada and Gg Hangtuah will take you to this architectural and historically magnificent mosque...


Hiking Mount Tambora: Offbeat Trek Guaranteed

 Calabai, Indonesia

When we say very few people hike this volcanic mountain we mean it...


Surfing at Lakey Peak

 Bima, Indonesia

Bali is Indonesia’s surfing hub, but to surf in peace head to Lakey Peak near Bima, Sumbawa...


Find a Hidden Gem at Semporon Tangkel Waterfall

 Jereweh, Indonesia

The nearest town to this hidden waterfall is Jereweh, which is 20...


Dive the Crystal Clear Waters of Saleh Bay

 Mojo Island, Indonesia

The beautiful Saleh Bay renowned for its crystal clear waters, great diving and snorkelling spots and the surrounding islands is near Moyo National Park...


Navigating Moyo Island National Park

 Mojo Island, Indonesia

Ai Bari port, which is approximately 40 minutes away from Sumbawa Besar serves access to this highly recommended offbeat cove...


Scuba Diving among the reefs in Angsana Beach

 Angsana, Indonesia

From Kilometre 6 terminal of Banjarmasin Bus Terminus take the buses plying towards Pagatan and ask them to drop you at the gateway of Angsana Beach from where all kinds of transport will take you to the beach...

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Walk into the oldest sanctuary of plants and animals in Sultan Adam Forest Park

 Gunung Kahung, Indonesia

In the dry months of Oct-Dec, a 20 min drive from Banjarbaru will take you to the recently developed Sultan Adam Forest Park inside which a trek to Kahung Valley will amaze nature lovers for the sheer amount of flora and fauna in the place...


Surfing for Beginners: Kertasari Beach

 Taliwang, Indonesia

Buses from Poto Tano till Taliwang/Kuang leave till mid afternoon, and from Sumbawa Besar, buses leave every 20 minutes...


Island Hopping around Poto Tano: Gili Paserang

 Poto Tano, Indonesia

It takes 30 minutes from Poto Tano on a boat to reach this tranquil island, perfect for camping and snorkelling with live corals to greet you...


Sleep in a hammock by the calm Seran Lake

 Banjarbaru, Indonesia

An hour’s ride in a taksi kota (local minivans green in color) from Banjarmasin will take you to the pristine Seran lake in Banjarbaru...


More Tranquility awaits you on Sumbawa Island

 Sumbawa, Indonesia

Sumbawa is one of the remotest islands in Indonesia where most fear to tread because getting there takes a lot of research...


Trekking the Second Highest Volcano in Indonesia: Mount Rinjani

 Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Though summiting this active volcano stands out of the question due to recent earthquakes, you can surely trek till the crater rim...


Be a part of the 500-year old floating market in Banjarmasin

 Benua Anyar, Indonesia

Open only between 5 AM-8 PM, and 15 km from Banjarmasin downtown on Benua Anyar street, the Lok Bantain floating market is the hub for locals where all traders arrive in wooden oar boats and sell their daily produce to customers arriving in similar fashion from nearby villages...


Stay in a Dayak village in Loksado

 Loksado, Indonesia

A bus journey of 3 hours from Banjarmasin to Kandangan and another 1...


Don't miss Bamboo rafting at Amandit river

 Jalan Amandit, Indonesia

A 4-hour bus journey from Banjarmasin to Kandangan Regency and then local transport till the Amandit river will take you to one of the most interesting activities in the area: bamboo rafting without any gears or ropes...


Watching Proboscis monkeys in the city of Tarakan

 Mangrove and Proboscis Conservation Area, Indonesia

Located just along the main highway of the city and 1 km from the Tarakan City Center (flights or speedboat services from Tanjong Selor), watch and walk about the restored habitats of proboscis monkeys and well-maintained mangrove forests at the Mangrove and Proboscis Conservation Center...


The extremely difficult boat ride to Kayan Mentarang National Park

 Kayan Mentarang National Park, Indonesia

The extensive and thrilling 2-day long boating tour to the heart of Borneo forest reserve in the Kayan Mentarang National Park starts from Tanjung Selor to Long Bia on the first day and continues through Long Punjungan to reach the last village before the forest, Long Jelet...


A nice weekend getaway & food tour at the Amal Beach

 AmalTarakan Beach, Indonesia

A 20 mins car/bike ride from the Juwata International Airport or speedboat rides from Tanjung Selor to Tarakan will take you to the Amal Beach whose wide beach is the perfect idea for spending a perfect weekend getaway...


Explore the Tanjung Selor Grand Mosque

 Tanjung Selor, Indonesia

Open to tourists every day except on Friday mornings from 9 AM-10 PM, and very close to Tanjung Selor downtown (4 mins away from the airport), the Grand Mosque of Tanjung Selor features a unique architectural mix, a quaint and calm ambiance and beautiful calligraphy drawn on both sides of the pulpit...


Gobble up all the tasty fish in Tanjung Selor night market

 pasar rakyat malam, Indonesia

Also known as Alun Alun Market among the locals, and at a 30 mins walking distance from Tanjung Selor Airport, visit the only night market (open from evening till late night) in Tanjung Selor and taste the delicious sea-food available there starting from lobsters, crabs, white fish, shrimps and so on...

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Hike to the underground cavern of Mount Putih

 Gunung Putih/Kr. Jenawi, Indonesia

After you climb the terrace of White Mountain, there is a downhill path (a 15 mins walk) leading towards the other side of the mountain which leads to the underground cavern hidden beneath the slopes...


Trekking to the White Mountain in Mount Putih

From Tanjung Selor (direct flights from Jakarta, Denpasar and Yogyakarta), drive on the Jl...


Bathe in the cold waters of Pancur Aji Waterfall

 Pancur Aji Water Fall, Indonesia

4 km from Sanggau city center and about 5 hours from Pontianak (buses and private cars are available from Supadio airport to Sanggau), you will reach the 100 steps to the mesmerizing Pancar Aji Waterfall marked by a sign that shows the way up...


Spend a weekend in the serene Sinka Island park

 Sinka Zoo, Indonesia

3 hours from Pontianak in the Singkawang city, stroll around in the wonderful zoo (open from 8 AM-5 PM) in Sinka Island Park, walk on the adjoining Bajau beach or have a nice family weekend picnic in the 35-hectare island park...


Spend a weekday in Paradis Q Waterpark

 Waterpark Paradis Q, Indonesia

At a 15 min driving distance from Pontianak Airport on the Jalan Arteri Supadio Road, have a fun-filled day at the biggest waterpark in West Kalimantan on a weekday because the prices almost double on weekends...


The vigorous bike ride to the beautiful village bordering Malaysia

 Temajuk beach Sambas, Indonesia

From Singkawan (3 hours from Pontianak), a 200 km bike ride to the beautiful village of Temajuk (just 4 km from Tenok Melano, Malaysia) will be very tiring but completely worth it in the end...


Cycle in the City Forest of Pontianak

 Tanjungpura University, Pontianak, Indonesia., Indonesia

Situated in Tanjungpura University which is a 30-min driving distance from Supadio International Airport, Pontianak, there is a quiet and serene forest park maintained by the students of the faculty of Forestry...


Stand on the dividing line of the earth at Khatulistiwa Park

Ever wondered standing on the 0-degree line that divides the earth into two halves? Just 50 mins away from Pontianak airport, in the Khatulistiwa Park or the Equator Monument, stand on the exact point where the coordinates go zero...


Boating through a maze in Danau Sentarum National Park

 Sentarum Lake National Park, Indonesia

In the dry months of Jun-Sep, a 9-hour bus journey from Pontianak to Suhaid in Kapuas Hulu Regency and from there a 3-hour long boat ride on the Kapuas river will take you to the heart of Borneo forests in Sentarum Lake National Park...


Venture in the restored tropical forest inside Balikpapan

Very close to the Sun Bear Conservation Centre and an hour’s drive from Balikpapan there is a restored rainforest where you can volunteer in the conservation process of orangutans or simply observe the fun-loving animals play in their widely restored natural environment...


Marvel at the architecture of Islamic Centre Samarinda Mosque

 Islamic Center Mosque Samarinda, Indonesia

A 3-hour ride from Balikpapan to Samarinda (buses and taxis available) will take you to the second largest mosque in Indonesia known as the Islamic Centre Samarinda Mosque which is situated on the banks of the Mahakam river...


Visit the smallest bears of the world at the Sun Bear Conservation Center

 Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), Indonesia

An hour’s drive (23 km) north of Balikpapan will take you to the Sun Bear Conservation Centre that is a storehouse of information on the endangered species as well as watching the smallest bears of the world up so close...


The majestic East-West Cross Borneo Trek

 East Kalimantan, Indonesia

This is an extremely tough 15-day trek that involves crossing the island from East to West, starting from Balikpapan (can be reached from all the major airports of Indonesia like Jakarta, Denpasar, Yogyakarta), canoeing the second-longest river of Indonesia, spending nights on riverboats, a week-long tough hike through the thick rainforests of the Muller mountains, before emerging on the banks of Sungai Kapuas River...


Enter the world of mystical mangroves just outside Balikpapan

 Graha Indah, Indonesia

A 30 mins drive from the Balikpapan city center in the Graha Indah Complex meander through the magical mangroves and watch the proboscis monkeys in a wonderful 2-hour boat ride...


Swim with jellyfish in the Kakaban Island

 Samama Island, Indonesia

A 3-hour boat ride from Tarakan Island (direct flight from Jakarta) will take you to the Derawan archipelago, where you must look for the huge landlocked lake (covering 2/3rd of the island) in the Kakaban Island that’s one of the only 2 homes of non-poisonous jellyfish in the world...


Scuba diving in the mesmerizing Maratua Island

 Derawan Islands, Indonesia

A direct flight from Jakarta to Tarakan island and from there a 3-hour boat ride will take you to the most spectacular island in the entire Derawan archipelago, the Maratua Island...

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Panoramic View from Malimbu Hill

Senggigi and Bangsal Harbour are the access points to and from the Gili Islands which undoubtedly will occupy a spot in your Lombok itinerary; and therefore, while you are at Senggigi - a perfect place for setting base for exploring North Lombok - do not forget to tick off a hike to Malimbu Hill, which is only 7...


Head over to Gili Islands, a Destination worth a Million Dreams

 Gili Islands, Indonesia

Bangsal Port (60...


The Twin Waterfalls: Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu

 Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfall, Indonesia

A 1 and a half hours drive or ride from Kuta city takes you to the entrance of the park where these amazonian waterfalls are...


Get Up and Close with the Locals at Sasak Village

 Sade Village, Indonesia

Only 6 km from Kuta beach, Lombok, Sasak village should definitely make it to your itinerary if you are exploring central Lombok...


Find Hidden Treasures at Semeti Beach

 Kuta, Indonesia

The selling point of this beach, which is an hour ride from Kuta city, (you can either rent a motorbike or hop on an ojek) is that it remains almost deserted and it is replete with secret coves, lookouts which open to amazing views of the sea and spellbinding rock formations...


Enjoy Sunset from Bukit Merese Hill

 Kuta, Indonesia

Undoubtedly one of the best sunset viewing points in Kuta city, reaching there is not a hassle, especially if you have set your base in Kuta city; around 20 minutes on a two-wheeler (you can hire a moped from one of the many shops in this backpackers’ hub, and yes you will find a parking lot)...


Head to Kuta: The Backpackers’ Hub in Lombok

 Kuta, Indonesia

Not to be confused with the Kuta region in Bali, Kuta is a city in Lombok; calmer than its Balinese counterpart and a backpackers’ hub, thanks to its totally Instagram-worthy beaches and viewpoints, not to mention convenience...


From loud Bali to the quieter Island of Lombok

 Lombok, Indonesia

For those who have had enough of the touristy hullabaloo of Bali and are now looking forward to some quieter moments amidst the vast unadulterated nature, Lombok island is the best option, which is worth a USD 20 (approx) flight from Denpasar (Bali)...


Playtime with the elephants at Tangkahan

 Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

Head to Tangkahan from Pinang Baris bus terminal at Medan for 2 USD for a day trip...


White Crater Lake: A vision in white

 Simalungun, Indonesia

The Dolok Tinggi Raja White Crater at Simalungun Regency, north Sumatra, is a vision in white when the The 90°C water flowing down limestone steps, causes the rocks to turn as white as snow...


Indulge in a seafood feast by Lake Toba

 Samosir, Indonesia

Not all volcanic lakes are hot and boiling, like Lake Toba in Samosir island, which is the largest volcanic lake on Earth...


Catch the sunrise at Mount Sibayak

 Berastagi, Indonesia

One of the most beautiful sunrises you may ever see is at Mount Sibayak volcano, looming over Berastagi, four hours south of Bukit Lawang...


Visit Nusa Penida, the Bird Paradise

 Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Take a local (and of course budget-friendly) boat from Sanur beach which is approximately 11 km from Denpasar, Bali and in 90 minutes or so you will find yourself amidst the utopian world of Nusa Penida, an island known for conserving the rare birds of Indonesia, especially the Balinese Starling...


A Weekend Getaway to Padangbai

 Padangbai, Indonesia

Are you going from one place to another looking for a quiet beach destination in Bali, and have given up already? Well, all is not lost! Padangbai is a small coastal town in Bali, 37...


Tegenungan Waterfall

 Ubud, Indonesia

Only half an hour from Canggu and Ubud, this quaint waterfall thrives in isolation and amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of touristy Bali...


Samasta Lifestyle Village: A Fusion of Entertainment and Culture

 Kuta, Indonesia

A perfect place to chill around the Jimbaran area, South Kuta, which is only 4 km from Denpasar airport, is this lifestyle village where you will find everything from food and entertainment to souvenir shops selling knick-knacks, perfectly stacked and organized on an arcade...


Enjoy Beach Life at Jimbaran Bay

 Badung, Indonesia

News Alert! There’s a beach in Bali that can provide you all the relaxation and contemplation you look forward to on a beach, minus the crowd; it’s called the Jimbaran Bay, which is only 4 km from Denpasar airport...


Get Spooked at the Ogoh Ogoh Museum

 Badung, Indonesia

Bali’s Badung Regency is full of thrills and quirks, and you cannot miss the Ogoh Ogoh Museum on your way to Taman Ayun Temple...


Taman Ayun Temple

 Badung, Indonesia

Located in the Badung Regency, this temple with great aesthetic value lies 18 km west of Denpasar Airport...


Enjoy the Kecak and Fire Dance Performance

 Badung, Indonesia

Visit the Uluwatu Temple at sunset if you wish to be an audience to the retelling of the stories from the Indian Epic, Ramayana...


Temple on a Promontory: Uluwatu Temple

 Badung, Indonesia

A walk through a monkey forest (not to be confused with the one in Ubud) takes you to the Uluwatu Temple in South Kuta, Badung Regency; a temple that sits atop a 100 meters tall cliff looking over to the sea...


Hiking through Fire: Mount Agung

 Karangasem, Indonesia

Located in the Karangasem Regency, Mount Agung, which is an active volcano (yikes!) is 76...


Tallest waterfall in Indonesia: Sipiso-piso Waterfall

 Siantar, Indonesia

If you are wondering what is the tallest waterfall in Indonesia, it’s Sipiso-piso Waterfalls...


Go tubing down Bohorok River

 Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

An exciting activity to do in Bohorok River is tubing...


Meet the bats at Gua Kampret cave

 Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

The Bat Cave trail starts 2km from the Ecolodge hotel at Bukit Lawang villlage...


Observe the orangutans at Gunung Leuser National Park

 Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

The Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang, north Sumatra, is teeming with wildlife, but the orangutans will manage to steal your attention with their antics! You can encounter them during a hike through the forest...


Bengkulu beach: a centre for recreation

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Situated about 4 km from Bengkulu City, Panjang Beach is blessed with a wide coastline of about 500 meters and a 7-km stretch of white sand...


A river of tears: Dendam Tak Sudah Lake

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

A girl cries and voila, there’s a river! Legend has it that Dendam Tak Sudah Lake, or Vengeance Lake came into being when a spurned lover cried a river...


Travel back in time at Tapak Paderi beach

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Travel back in time when you visit Tapak Paderi beach, which has a colonial past...


Spot turtles at Rat Island

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Just 10 km west of Bengkulu, Rat Island can be reached via boat in approximately one hour from Tapak Paderi Beach...


A three-day trek to Bukit Daun

Famous for its seven multicoloured boiling pools, getting to Bukit Daun is a three-day adventure...


Kabawetan Tea Garden: A carpet of green

 Kepahiang, Indonesia

Be mesmerised by the view of a series of tea plantations at Kabawetan Tea Garden in Kepahiang city...


Gawk at the world's biggest flower in Bengkulu

 Curup, Indonesia

The world's largest flower, Rafflesia Arnoldi is found at Curup, approximately 85 km away from Bengkulu City...


Visit the hot and cold waterfalls of Curug Air Terjun Falls

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Feel exhilarated while making your way to the Curug Embun Waterfalls, at the base of a steep ravine and well over 100 feet high...


The Monkey Forest of Ubud

 Ubud, Indonesia

The fabled monkey forest in Ubud is approximately 4...


The Mountains and Lakes of Kintamani

 Kintamani, Indonesia

The Batur mountain and volcanic lake which is located in Kintamani is 36...


Tanah Lot: The Rock Temple in Bali

 Kuta, Indonesia

The Tanah Lot temple standing gloriously on an offshore outcrop, is one of the most photographed edifices in Bali, especially against the backdrop of the sunset...


Halura Island: The Road less taken

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

The road to Halura Island is not easy and thus less taken...


Waimarang Waterfall

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Around 95 km from Waingapu City, a hidden waterfall pouring down to form an aquamarine pool was discovered by a local, and thank god he did because now the world can gawk at this beauty...


Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

This national park is hands down one of the most sought after destination for adventure seekers, located southwest of the city of Waingapu...


The Spectacular Walakiri Beach

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

A 30 minutes drive from Waingapu will take you to the iconic beach of Walakiri which is famous for the bare mangroves trees the beach is strewn with, thereby rendering it a perfect destination for photography enthusiasts...


Set Base at Waingapu

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

After Tambolaka the next best place to set base in Sumba Island is Waingapu, which is home to some of the best waterfalls, national parks and beaches...


Bawana Beach

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Though a little far away from the main city of Tambolaka; to be precise 90 minutes drive away, the Bawana beach is worth the effort for its amazing aesthetic value...


Bamboo Houses at Ratenggaro Village

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Waitabula, which is a sub-district of Tambolaka is the area where this village is located, and the beach is 200 meters away from the village...


Sumba Cultural Conservation and Learning Institute for the Lovers of History

 Tambolaka, Indonesia

If you think that it is wise to know the cultural/historical traits of a region before exploring it, head to the Learning Institute in Tambolaka, which exhibits some of the best specimens of Sumbanese artifacts...


delve deeper into Fort Malborough's history

 Bengkulu, Indonesia

Delve deeper into the fascinating history of Fort Malborough in Bengkulu City, Sumatra...


Soak in Cisolong Hot Springs

 Pandeglang, Indonesia

Soak in the Cisolong Hot Springs at Sukamanah Village, Pandeglang...


Drive an ATV along Carita Beach

 Pandeglang, Indonesia

Go for a stroll or drive an ATV along Carita Beach in Pandeglang...


Observe the wreck of merchant ships at Tanjung Lesung Beach

 Panimbang, Indonesia

Tanjung Lesung Beach, located in Tanjung Jaya Village, Panimbang, is famous for its white sand and turquoise sea...


Navigate Bagedur beach on a motorcycle

 Malingping, Indonesia

The 50-metre wide and 10-kilometre long coastline of Bagedur Beach can be navigated on a motorcycle or a car! It takes approx...


The Magical Weekuri Lagoon

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Tambolaka being the busiest hub in the Sumba Island is an ideal place to set up base during your exploration of Sumba Island, and Weekuri Lagoon, which is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Sumba island is 45 km from Tambolaka...


Cool it off in a Dam: Waikelo Sawah

 Tambolaka, Indonesia

Tambolaka city, which harbors the main airport of Sumba Island is 40 minutes away from this beautiful irrigational dam situated at the foot of a hill...


The Remote Island of Sumba has a lot to offer

 Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

It’s high time we look beyond Bali and try out offbeat destinations like the glorious Sumba Island...


A taste of luxury at Pulau Umang beach

 Banten, Indonesia

A luxurious escapade once in awhile doesn’t do any harm, does it? The Pulau Umang beach, near Ujung Kulon, has luxurious villas for a taste of opulence...


Glass-bottom boating at Sangiang island

 Sangiang, Indonesia

Located in the Sunda strait, it takes about 45 minutes to reach Sangiang island by boat from Anyer island...


Climb to the top of rock mountain at Karang Bolong beach

 Java, Indonesia

The main attraction of Karang Bolong beach, located about 50 km from Serang town, on the coast of Java, is a large mountain with a hole...


Diving the Incandescent Waters of Alor

 Alor Island, Indonesia

Alor Island can provide you a diving experience like none other, owing to its superior underwater visibility, however, the remoteness of the island is a bit of a pet peeve, therefore comparatively expensive...


Swim in the Subterranean Pool near Kupang

 Kupang, Indonesia

Swimming in a glistening pool inside a cave is an enigmatic thing to do if you are in Kupang, waiting to continue further up towards Maumere-Labuan Bajo, or down towards Alor or Sumba Island...


Oenesu Waterfalls

 Kupang, Indonesia

Beat the Indonesian heat and get refreshed at Oenesu waterfalls, a favorite among locals and tourists, which is 17 km from the main city of Kupang...


Visit the nature reserve of Bird Island

 Kasemen, Indonesia

Bird Island is a popular nature reserve where you can observe a staggering 10,000 birds of 108 different species! The best time to see these birds is between March and July...


Put your feet up in a gazebo at Cibeureum Beach

 Anyer, Indonesia

the perfect way to enjoy family time at Cibeureum Beach in Anyer, Cinangka, is to put your feet up in a gazebo while sipping on a cool drink...


Visit the upmarket Anyer Beach area

 Sindanglaya, Indonesia

Located in Anyer Street, Serang Regency, Anyer beach is the public beach in the area...


Visit the Menipo National Park

 Kupang, Indonesia

Operated by Nature Resources and Conservation Association, the place is famous for Timor deer, a rare species of deer...


Go Island Hopping around Kupang

 Kupang, Indonesia

A popular day trip option from Kupang city includes a visit to the Semau island, which is 30 minutes by boat from the Tenau port in Kupang...


Visit the Island of the Thrilling Capital of East Nusa Tenggara

 Kupang, Indonesia

Kupang, which is a perfect gateway to Eastern Indonesia, is home to amazing waterfalls, beaches, and remote islands...


Island Hopping near Maumere: Pemana

 Pemana, Indonesia

3-4 hours from Maumere Port, the Pemana group of islands can be covered on a boat within a day, or you can go on an island hopping tour around these islands for a day or two...


Enjoy Landscape View at Kajuwulu Beach

 Maumere, Indonesia

The best view of Maumere Bay can be had from the Kajuwulu beach, which is 24...


Visit the Tuesday Markets in Maumere

 Maumere, Indonesia

A visit to the Kelimutu National Park is incomplete without a stopover at Maumere city, which is home to cool beaches, diving spots and of course traditional markets that represent the culture of the Indonesian people...


Maumere Bay for Diving

 Maumere, Indonesia

Maumere is a major city in the Flores Island, for being an access point to the world-renowned Kelimutu National park...


Immerse in History at the Home of Indonesia’s Founder

 Ende, Indonesia

If you are a history enthusiast and would love to learn something about Indonesia’s struggle for independence, visit the exile home Bung Karno or Sukarno who was considered to be the foundation of Indonesia in Ende city on your way to Kelimutu National Park or Maumere...


Make a stop at the Ikat Museum in Ende

 Ende, Indonesia

On your visit to the volcanic craters of the Kelimutu National Park, make sure to spend a few hours in Ende city, which is 56...


Visit the Saga traditional village

 Ende, Indonesia

A village tour of the highly recommended Saga Traditional village can be covered on the same day as the Kelimutu National Park...