They call themselves a boy and girl photography team with the love of exploring the world, and exploration to them is all about chasing stories. Read on to find out more about what inspired them and their take on people and places.

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Ready steady go...

Great! So I was going through your blog and a particular line struck a chord with me, which is, "people's lives are just like story books." We can particularly relate to this idea since that is what we are trying to do. I would really like to know what could be a plot line for your trip to India, or any other place that you have visited recently?

They say a picture paints a thousand words. We love telling stories about our images. We make a point of seeing the must-see tourist spots, but getting off the beaten tracks into the backstreets is SUPER important. That's where REAL stories are made. Like these…

Lovely shots! Would you like to share memories of some of the offbeat things you have done?

One of our highlights was Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

Absolutely. Although death can be sad for those remaining, life is there for celebrating and remembering those who have passed on.

Another one for the Travel Bucket list was trekking in Lower Mustang in Nepal.

And not forgetting our OWN beautiful South Africa with its diverse scenery. We love the open space of the karoo.

The sky looks absolutely stunning! You are into lifestyle photography, and your primary aim is to portray people's lives. At which point do you think one can find the semblance between lifestyle photography and travel photography.

The people are the place. Without them, there would be no history, food, culture. So to us, the two are one!

And what about fashion? What will be your take on fashion across so many places that you have visited and captured?

We're fans of tradition. So for us, it's all about where glossy magazines don't dictate the style. Kind of where time has stood still.

Fashion in Marrakech, PC - ExpressionsPhoto

So how many countries have you been to so far?

25 and counting. To truly experience a place you have to scratch below its surface.

Have you faced difficulties while scratching the surface?

Sometimes language barriers are challenging and sensitive tummies don’t always do well with unknown foods.

But the good news is, you still got to scratch the surface. That's inspiring! Thanks for your time. It was lovely talking to you!


Designated as wedding photographers and travelers, they paint pictures worth a thousand words, there...

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