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"Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you!"- The saying is true but, every once in a while we need that tiny bit of external push as well. It's called Inspiration. This time, the travelers we interacted with, share the motive to inspire and be a source of travel learning. Put on your seat belts, for we bring to you their unique travel stories — impactful enough to give you the kick to set out on course!

Three Times Lucky: Anisa

Bloggers have their ways of embracing newbies into the community, the Liebster Award being one of the most prominent. Given by bloggers amongst themselves, it is a gesture of warm support to fellow bloggers and was nominated for the award. Also, awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, Anisa is just one part of plus, the constant. Through the blog she wishes to stimulate the urge to travel in more and show how differences in culture are a thing to celebrate and not divide people. The travelling heads into it are 3, Anisa, Katherine and Russell. Confused, as to why three in duo traveling? Katherine was her travel partner until she flew to London to be with the love of her life, Russell. Russell, now, fills in for Katherine. Guess what she calls him (cheerfully of course)? - the "unofficial Texan". To her, long distance relationships are difficult. They worked on Risk Management for the same company but, in different bases. Turns out, traveling to London for them, meant, Risk Managed! Lucky to be born into a travel encouraging family, she considers herself to be all the more lucky to have jobs and travel partners who have only acted as fuel and not extinguishers to her passion for travel. With a fast growing bucket list, Anisa hopes to have a ball. Traveling is about freedom and that is irrespective of whether you are alone or with company! Having a personal space while traveling, has never been an issue for either of them. So, thrice the lucky!

We are trying to plan and be responsible, so we can continue to travel until we are physically unable to.

Dreamers of a Travel Lifestyle: Shireen & Scott

Having family roots leading to Bangladesh, to Shireen, South Wales will always be Home, a keep-safe of her childhood memories, family and friends. However, she does have plans of visiting her paternal grandfather's place in Bangladesh, someday. Hit by the travel bug on her first city break to Amsterdam with partner Scott, they continued such breaks even after and backpacked through New Zealand and S.E. Asia as well. But, that isn't enough! Teenage sweethearts Shireen and Scott have their dreams aligned perfectly. They yearn for a parallel life of full-time travel. On one hand, Shireen aims to become a digital nomad, and on the other, her partner, who makes music, him hitting the bullseye would be a setting that allows him to work remotely from any corner of the globe. She has had her share of solo travel (China trip) during which she volunteered as an English teacher for about a month. However, sharing those momentary glances, the time together as they explore every nook of a region is priceless & memories irreplaceable. She wouldn't have it any other way! Through her blog she aims to encourage learning while travelling. The plan is to monetize the blog soon and save as much as possible to hit the road. Well she is right about money though, as she goes on to say:

What if we save all of our money forever and never end up having a future? Live now and live freely! We cannot take money with us, but we can leave stories and memories of a fulfilled life!

Passport holders since childhood days: Candy & Crystal

Imagine little girls, chewing on their personal passports at the airport... Nay! I'm just kidding! The half American and half Japanese sisters, Crystal and Candy have been traveling for as long as they can remember. And, this is no kidding! At the young age of 16, Candy flew from Japan without any adult company, to visit Crystal in the U.S. They grew up as military brats and consequently had to move often. Thus, traveling has literally been a part of their upbringing, so much so that the worrying expression, "you're too young to travel" is totally alien to them. The sisters aren’t digital nomads but, travel is a must-do for them. This explains why it's a mandate for them to meet up at least six times a year in order to travel together. Candy's modeling career made it conducive for her to live across the world and as for Crystal, she has always been obsessed with making travel-centric videos. After years of signals from friends, which initially came about as requests for fashion and travel advice, they finally created the blog to share their knowledge. Always eye-to-eye on mostly everything, as a travel team they believe that, be it traveling solo or as a duo, both has its unique flavor and enrich equally. Of course, going solo fetches more opportunity to frequently meet other solo travelers but, come on; you can't deny that having company means better pictures!

We have visited around 30 countries. There are still so many countries we want to visit, so let’s say around 100 more is on our bucket list.

Expats turned permanents but, there's more to it: Mr. & Ms. B aka Ellie and Stefan

Life is easier when you're on the same page with your partner, at least in one major spectrum! When travel passion is in question Mr. & Ms. B are definitely on the same plain. Ellie fears speed and Stefan, heights- that's about it when it comes to differences. Remember, the common saying, 'Opposites Attract'? It fits perfectly with this fun travel team who are still in their honeymoon phase; well, at least in their heads. Ms B is more into travel guides for ideas whereas Mr. B is all in for the offbeat tracks. Even though Ellie believes that she isn't as much on the edge of things as Mr. B is, she went on quad bikes herself, balloon rides and white water rafting before meeting him. Plus, she has a PADI diving license. They are both lovers of hiking and snorkeling and are always ready to jazz up their travels with adventure sports. Ellie had not travelled much until after university when she took to the Europe tour. It was love at first sight and she moved to London soon after, making it a point to take trips to Europe on a monthly basis. In fact, it is in London that the two first met. The couple has been running a little consultancy firm of their own for the past 7 years. Settled at taking once-a-year trips with friends, because otherwise they practically live, work and travel together- they call it a welcome breeze. Today, they refer to London as ‘Home’, after thoroughly enjoying their expat-life of getting out of the comfort zone and constant exploration. There is more to it. Traveling runs in Stefan’s family. He plans to carry the legacy of the travel bug that bit his family long before. For instance, his granddad went on a bicycle tour from Munich to Palermo, a feat that his father followed and he plans to be next. As for Ms B, her dad was a dynamic spirit who lied about his age to join the merchant navy. Clearly, their families are the root of their indulgence in travel. Despite the fact that they only take 30 days off every year, they have not succumbed to it. Rather, the duo is taking necessary steps to develop their skills in order to become more location independent. All for the love of Travel!

Travelling as a vital part of our lives; like eating, working, or sleeping.

A Single Mom with a traveling Sidekick: Lizzie & Vivi Lau

Fearless Lizzie just took herself one step ahead with the decision of trading her 20-year old nomadic life as a yacht chef and that of an adrenaline junkie for the new one: a single mom to the 8 year-old Vivi. In her blog she inspires to explore the world with kids. Lizzie feels that she's already lived 3 lifetimes and the blog is her space to share the anecdotes. She may have given up her previous life but, traveling remains constant and little Vivi only makes it better. Today, Lizzie has the liberty to work from her laptop irrespective of where she is but, they are not quite nomadic because she wants her to enjoy time with the vibrant grandparents.

Like mother, like daughter! Turns out that Vivi too, is one fearless soul and is much into adventure sports herself. Conceived in Guatemala and born in California, it is safe to say that Vivi has been traveling with mom from the time she was in her belly! Post a few road trips when she finally took her first flight, mama Lizzie carried her in a backpack.Till date, she has taken over 51 flights. They are both in for slow travel, engaging more with the locals and experiencing all things beyond touristy. Lizzie had developed the essentialist and minimalistic attitude at a young age as she had to move 20 times before turning 10. Fortunately, Vivi is showing similar attributes already. So, that makes her ahead of what mommy was at her age!

She likes to grill me about the things I did before she was born but then, raises her eyebrow at me and makes me swear that I never really had any great adventures until she came along!

Well, you know what they say- you can only find the best of adventures if you have the tenacity to seek it! The world is always at your disposal to be explored, all you need is to take that leap of faith.

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