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LIfe has a tendency of making us go round and round the vicious circle until we decide to drive a figurative skewer through its circumference, thereby disfiguring it; a proposition a bit too uncomfortable perhaps, but completely immersive. In other words becoming the convergence of two opposing ideas, like a metaphysical conceit, like an oxymoron, both bitter and sweet, both I cannot and I can! “I can” that subverts the conventional image of men on the front line and women waiting behind white picket fence.

When you see a vehicle that has a military logo, or a family associated with the military, don't assume it's the man who serves. Women serve too

says Amber, who has served her country for 18 years.

Amber currently chases the Adventures of an Oxymoron, a nomenclature that came by when she was hiking the GR20.

I dislike the feeling of wind on my skin. There was a morning the wind was so brutal I woke at 4am to hike away from it. I found myself on top of a mountain as the sun was setting, laughing at the wind and my situation.

Our likes and dislikes, don’t they mingle interchangeably, like surfs crashing and recoiling and crashing again? There’s no single answer. Our life is a carousel of dichotomies and experience is the biggest teacher enlightening us, making us more accepting. In the midst of poring over her books, crammed up in a Bachelor’s program, Amy Hucks booked herself a

contiki out of the blue, spur of the moment when (she) was stressed

She agrees that it was the best decision of her life. Her fiancé is constitutive of Amy’s future travel plans, but her solo journeys brought about the marriage between herself and her inner life.

We often learn to appreciate by weighing two situations and in this, transition shows the way. From travelling all alone to finding the closest friends on the road, (the connection not defined by the length of time), the journey lets us enjoy the multifacetedness of existence. Amy says,

Yes, we met (her three friends) on the Europe contiki in 2017. Even though we've only been friends for a little while, they are definitely my closest friends. All my travel in 2018 was in Australia with them and they are coming to NZ in Feb to do a contiki too!

Kyle, or the Globetrotting Entrepreneur, too transitioned from being a solo traveler to one visiting friends all over the world to eventually taking trips with his companion, Allison Lacoursiere. Suzy has travelled solo through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain. Being the spokesperson of a long distance relationship with bodies poles apart and minds next door, Suzy appreciates both the out and about giddiness of solo traveling and the smugness of traveling with the better half.

For me, I find solo travel often means I spend more time out and about, as when you’re travelling with someone it’s easy to want to spend time relaxing with one another over constantly sightseeing.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” right? I feel it is partially the universe and partially the self pulling the strings to make destiny patterning randoms, bringing dreams to full circle. At 17, Kyle was

a rotary exchange student and lived in Taiwan for 1 year and it changed (his) life and (his) outlook on traveling.

The rest of his life as a travel enthusiast panned out in coherence to his academic pursuits and achievements. Kyle created a roadmap for himself in his professional life in order to follow the ultimate roadmap. In Temple University, Philadelphia, he went to a program called Semester at Sea and ended up spending 3 and a half months, drifted offshore (in a good way of course). He spent 4 months in Tokyo at a sister school of Temple University. Kyle completed his Masters in Business from Australia and he specializes in International Tourism. His eventual achievement?

Once getting a job working for the Bermuda tourism authority I started to target countries in which I had never been and making the most out of vacation days to see the world.So I’m 32 and I’ve visited 32 countries.

In the 21st century the numbers of female solo travelers have increased by leaps and bounds. But back in the day it was still a taboo. Michela Fantinel started traveling in the 80s when the occurrence was rare and often frowned upon. Her Italian heritage combined with her expertise in the Australian landscape encouraged her to customize tours around some of the most exquisite locales of the regions. Her mission is to not only make traveling simplified for female solo travellers, but also to ensure that the “culture of travel”, as she like to call it, rings through exploration resoundingly. So what exactly is the “Culture of Travel?” According to her,

Travel with purpose as a way of learning, improving and increasing consciousness and not just because everyone else does it.

It could be anything. For Michela it was

spending time with the locals, joining a wildlife volunteer project, becoming active in a community project, and many more…


thought about doing temp labor 1 week a month to get some extra travel cash. At the same time, (she is) finishing up a TEFL course that (she) might use to teach while traveling.

For Amy as soon as she gets her paycheck most of it goes to her travel fund. Suzy is

a social media manager at a digital marketing agency. The benefit of having a very online-reliant job means that (she) can work remotely at times.

Traveling is an enticing expedition worth the taking with empathy and experience embedded in it. Many follow the path and it is high time you try it out too wearing a smile, like Amber believes.

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Life is full of both magic and realism, you just have to pause long enough to capture both.


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In addition to my regular job at the Bermuda Tourism Authority I started a drone company here in Bermuda. It first started as a hobby but then people really sta...

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My travels often are the chances I have to visit a loved one and showcase our own countries to one another. My love of philosophy and culture mean that I tend t...


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Michela Fantinel

The purpose of travel, or, of a journey, is to learn the why, the what, and the how, in relation to building the bridge between places, situations and/or betwee...


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