Climbing the Inca Trail is challenging, evolving, refreshing and everything else packed together. If you have finally decided to hike it, congratulations to your traveling soul! The first thing is, stay fit. And the second. And the third. The rest are down this list of things and tick them off one by one. Good luck!

After months of surfing the net, ticking the do’s and don’ts, you have finally signed up for what you have been waiting for all this while. While you have been busy reading others’ experiences about the Incan citadel, we feel your apprehension. Peru awaits you with all its beauty, glory, razor-sharp rocks and eye-melting sceneries at every turn of the famous Machu Pichu trek.

Have you glossed over all the itinerary with extra caution? The Inca trail would mesmerize you but not quite if you missed something to take in your backpack, or if your plans fall short. Do not worry. We have got you covered.

Read on and while you are at it, tick the checkboxes and you are set. Guides from touring groups will help you with your luggage, but remember they all have their regulations and limits.

But here are the most important things to keep in mind while on a Machu Pichu trek.

Excellent footwear: Anything that is hardy, worn-out and waterproof, will suffice as footwear for your hiking tour. All three are operating words here. Chances are, it will definitely rain in the Inca trail, even if you are going in the dry season. So waterproof shoes are a must. Old or worn-out shoes are preferred to brand new ones for blisters aren’t good friends to accompany you on your 4-day long trek.

Get ready for heights, seasons and temperature extremes.

One thing for sure, the heights are awesome! Take our word for it. But everything that’s beautiful, comes with a price. As you move to higher altitudes, the day might start with a freezing wind and by noon, you might as well begin to melt into a puddle from the sun’s rays. The heat and the cold are intense at that height. So, make sure you have it all in your backpack!

Clothes itinerary. Tick all that you have taken. This comprehensive list is optimized for all seasons and the unpredictable temperature changes:

  • Tank tops

  • Long-sleeve tops

  • Fleeces or down jackets

  • Waterproof jacket (Rains here are much like surprise tests in school)

  • Trekking pants

  • Comfortable pants
  • Socks and underwear

  • Thermal pajamas

  • Swimwear

  • Sunhat

The most important, your passport.

You cannot start your Machu Pichu trek without your passport. During its inception, there is a government checkpoint that requires every foreigner’s passport be shown.

They allow a certain number of people on the trek every day, marking it along with your passport code. Moreover, they provide for an optional passport stamp, one which would inspire memories later!

Make sure to stamp your passport with it. In any case, do not forget your passport at the summit!

Medication for altitude sickness. Getting ready for altitude sickness is fine but get ready for the side-effects of the meds as well. Most people are affected by the constant climbing for 4 days. Thus, natives swear by Coca leaves.

Mixing it with some honey and having it will ease your sickness.

Other than all of these essentials, staying hydrated and always munching something are some of our suggested priorities. It is going to be a long trek and no one would want to disrupt their time going to the washroom too many times.

Getting sick in the mountains is one of the worst things that can happen!

__Finally, the permits for the Machu Pichu trek are for May, June and July are soon selling out! Go, get yours. That should top your to-do list! __


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