The best way to titillate your tastebuds is often to delve into the local wine and dine scene. Visiting vineyards, tasting the finest wine and pairing them with gourmet delights is the best way to tip one towards a sensory overload.

Travel and food are so inextricably related that they could be first cousins. A change of palette is quite literally necessary because a routine life can get monotonous, and what could be a better way to break the monotony than by trying new food?

Travel is inspired by a lot of things, but when it is food and wine, the flavours of life are also heightened. ‘Food and fun around the world’ is the idea behind Nancy and Richard’s blog; aptly called- The Far Flung Foodies. They decided to incorporate their two favourite things—food and travel into a blog. Besides gearing up to travel full-time at the end of the year, Nancy loves cooking Southeast Asian foods, namely, Khao Soi and Hainanese chicken at home. Driven by her love to experience a place through food, Cynthia had decided to cover the entire Southeast Asian mainland including, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. A trip to Paris with a travel savvy partner was all it took for her to break the ice between herself and travel and catch the travel bug. Only if her cat did not hate being in the car, she would be road tripping a lot more!

Wine geek and social media nerd, Chloe, always finds time for a glass of wine and this wine connoisseur likes her wine aged and delicious. A German Riesling for the intense aroma, paired with prawns or steamed mussels would be the Canada-based entrepreneur’s go-to match and when not, a highly acidic red Amarone from North Italy balanced with the flavors of black cherry, cinnamon and black fig, paired with a horse steak. Sounds like true love! The affair started with the first harvest season in Australia, followed by the harvest season in Canada. The city girl who never understood the way of life in the countryside, found that wine helped her understand nature in a way she never did before.

I felt connected to nature and the idea of making a product with its fruits, felt cleansing in a way,

says the traveler who launched two businesses out of her passion.

Our experiences play a big role in shaping our personas. The lifestyle of travel has been developed around her passion for wine and in turn, enriched her knowledge of the world. Echoing Chloe’s sentiments, Alessandra says, “Wine can teach one so much about the climate, culture, people and history of a place.” When Alessandra combined her passion for wine and travelling, a newfound thirst for discovering wineries in Italy drove her to pursue it. Her knowledge of wine and the culture of gastronomy grew to a large extent, so much so, that she became an AIS Sommelier (A member of the Italian Sommelier Association is trained as a professional to share their expertise on the subject). Did you know that the technique of opening a champagne bottle with a saber, knife or credit card is called Sabrage?

I also like when we cover bottles to train our senses with blind tasting,

says Chloe, who realised that travel is an inevitable part of her life when she merged it with wine.

The travel bug bit Alessandra when she was just a one-year-old! A lifetime of moving around only accelerated her desire to travel. Travel has always been an intrinsic part of her life, thanks to a father in the Navy. A lifestyle like that is certainly exciting but pressing the pause button is equally necessary. It is wine that reminds Chloe to pause, take out the time to go on a long lunch with friends and have meaningful conversations. Life is about deriving pleasure from little things. Similarly, Cynthia enjoys cooking and baking for her friends and family. The Freelance Communications Consultant also likes to grow vegetables and flowers in her garden and mouth-watering flavours like caramel, mint or white chocolate are her favourite toppings for cake. The idea of that is enough to send most to cake heaven!

The weirdest foods I have tried would have to be kangaroo, crocodile, and ostrich as well as a few mealworms!

— Nancy, doesn’t hesitate to try strange foods and advocates that worms can be looked at as an alternative source of protein as ecology and sustainability in tourism becomes more and more important. “As travel becomes more affordable, we are becoming a more global society, however, this is impacting countries in ecological, social and economic ways.” Once people get accustomed to the idea of eating insects, it will become less of a novelty and more acceptable. And it doesn’t even taste all that bad!

It's important to attempt eco-friendly practices, to minimise the long term impacts,

she says.

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