The answer to the purpose and takeaway of couple travel has unraveled in various aspects through the stories of a few vibrant travel duos that we have conversed with. Traveling the world with a companion is not a mere trajectory of common interests. It is in fact, much more with varied layers. Read on to find how!

Why do two people travel together? Why travel at all, when there is so much more to do as a duo? The couples featured in this issue have answered and given us an insight into some of the very best of couple traveling! Some have said how chance had set their course, for some it had been a choice of common interests. Again, other travelers went on to narrate how it was always meant to be this way and none other!

Why do two people travel together? Is couple travel a choice of common interests or more? The couples featured in this issue have answered and given us an insight into some of the very best of couple traveling! Some have said how chance had set their course, for some it had been a union of common interests. Again, other travelers went on to narrate how it was always meant to be this way and none other!

When destiny inflicted upon them one predicament after another, they knew they had just one chance to alter the course of their lives and be happy again; feel alive like never before. It was the death of a loved one at a young age that shook them and without any second thoughts Jen and Mel (@jenandmeltravel) decided to grab life by the throat and hit the road . Always a fan for outdoors and people, the couple instructs children on outdoor activities like archery and climbing among others. The kickstarter to their travel journey was cycling across Europe. Just imagine, their first travel adventure and they don’t just raise over a £1000 for diabetes U.K but, also discover the positives it had on their mental well-being. Hiking in Scotland, however, has been their favourite till date. Apparently careful when it comes to money, they believe in minimalistic concepts like eating cheap, couchsurfing etc. Even after being sure of returning home, pretty broke, both Jen and Mel agree that their journey has been totally worth it. The duo says that they don’t let the worries of future savings haunt their minds much because they are witnesses of how things can change within the blink of an eye. If they were to die today, they`d rather not keep regrets of not having seen the world.

Possessions don’t mean much to us at all. We will always put travel first!

Leaving your homeland and becoming expats in another country- and all that for what? That’s right, Traveling. Jamie, the aspiring digital nomad and his better half Jessie, the teacher recently shifted to Malaysia only because it is comparatively cheap to travel back & forth from Malaysia than Canada. Try beating that! No matter how much they love doing the same things, they acknowledge the relevance of spending time apart and enjoying individual space. With vast travel plans for 2019 around South-East Asia, they will go wild with their blog. The blog will echo the couple’s take on their difference in perspectives. Now, that’s definitely something new to look out for. As opposed to the traditional belief that spending much on travel today may hamper future savings, Jamie strongly speaks about travel lifestyle reducing the general cost of living because one isn’t burdened with mortgage, vehicle payment etc. Jamie and Jessie find it best fit to respect the rules of specific countries while traveling. Having a special affinity towards the authenticity of Malay food, their expat life in Malaysia is great, also due to the warmth that the local people exhibit and easily accessible expat communities, thus, building a strong sense of belongingness.

We travel together, but see the world differently.

"We just like to go with the flow!", says Gemma and Campbel’s, a carefree couple and a self-proclaimed happy travel team. Considering themselves extremely lucky to have each other, they feel that they’ve been living identical lives since childhood, where both loved animals, went camping in Scotland in a caravan and dreamt of traveling. As if they were almost predestined to live their present lives together! Quitting their jobs and letting go of their home, the present full-time nomad couple are on a working holiday in Australia. They do not have long-term plans as such, that has something to do with replenishing their travel funds, but, at some point they aim to earn an income while on the road. The uniqueness of the duo is that they travel just for ‘Today’ instead of making unwavering decisions for the future. These two are ardent believers in chance and coincidence.

We just like to live each day as it comes.

After selling their house to travel the world for an unforeseen time span, Mark and Kylee, the two chefs, set course on a quest of pure discovery with a one-way ticket to the unknown! After their first meeting,15 years ago at a cooking school, a long trip to Japan, South East Asia and Australia, got them hooked to each other and wanderlust. The possibility hunters talk about food and wine like the back of their hands. They speak the lexicon of gastronomy. It is an undoubted fact that most of their travels are driven by the chaotic sounds of markets in different countries and exotic tastes and smells of unique cuisines that they often try to replicate. For some time, they did play along feebly, to match the status quo of the conventional society. They changed careers, bought a house even. But, they took the final call and gave in to the strong itch for travel that ran through their veins. However much a challenge taking the decision had been, the couple haven’t regretted one bit of their journey and never will.

We actually left home with no plan whatsoever. We just wanted to see what would happen.

‘Stromfield Adventures’- that’s what Janina and Jim call their travel ventures. Their namesake blog is a medium to promote their belief that the hunger for travel can be satisfied alongside the hustle-bustle of daily work. The duo is a fine example of maintaining the perfect profession/passion balance. Travel is their passion but, they also enjoy teaching at the same time. It is amazing how they’ve brought a point of synergy between themselves, where both draw references from their travel experiences within the classroom setting.

Janina, coming from a Zoology background uses examples of the animals that they’ve encountered. On the other hand, Jim implements instances of currency conversion into the Maths curriculum. Acknowledging the fact that they have made tiny compromises financially, like choosing the price of the house based on the disposable income they had, they say that in the long run it doesn’t feel like a major price. More so, having a steady profession for long years and no responsibilities of children, they don’t feel the pressure of saving. They just pack and set out. When it comes to exploring a region, the holistic way is their way!

We like to dip in and dip out so we can have lots of different experiences whilst we are working and rarely spend more than 3 days in one place.

Grabbing life by its horns, David and Veronica are the charming couple experiencing a collision between baby boomer and empty nester lifestyle. The thought of ‘What now?’, every time they experienced a destination, is practically what got the baby boomers hooked to travel. Their "cheesy little blog" as they call it was initially a way to keep loved ones up-to-date about their adventures. However, they entered kicking and screaming into social media when the oldest daughter hinted that they were really onto something. Soon, tourist bureaus caught the action and it wasn’t long before they started traveling with and writing stories for them. In fact, the couple also has an Amazon Best Seller book named ‘Going Gypsy’. The adventurous and competitive side is common to both, which certainly has led them to quite a few interesting escapades, For instance, Veronica wished to skydive in Australia, when David had no interest in jumping out of a plane, so high up but, agreed to it as he couldn’t bear the thought of being beaten. At the moment of the jump, the tables however, had turned.Veronica was terrified, but they did it anyway. So, they definitely are a great team! The age of the Internet comes across as a blessing as the couple still wonders how they would’ve otherwise managed finances and traveled alongside.

Trying to see everything? Our advice is to slow down. Stop running frantically from one to the next.

The travel bug has bitten them hard, they are happily infected and wish to remain this way till the end of their time. Different stories, larger inspiration! Many more travel stories are coming up. Stay tuned! Join in to share and inspire, the world is all ears!

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