Sharing is caring and the essence of family travel is to savor the thrill of seeking new experiences with your near and dear ones. With the logistics of traveling being simplified, thanks to modern technology, it is no longer difficult to plan your much-needed vacation, where you can spend some quality time with your kin and fulfill your family goals.

According to data collected over a period of 21 years by the World Bank, there has been a huge surge in the number of travelers since 1995. In the year 2018, United Nations World Tourism Organization closed the number at 1.32 billion, as far as outbound departures are concerned.

Many factors, from the increase in the number of remote jobs to globalization to a general increase of disposable income, have led to the boom in the number of travelers. Rita or Take Mom Along is a writer working remotely, who has taken her enterprises across continents. Born in Hong Kong, Rita and her family moved to Canada and she eventually found herself working and living in Europe.

Rita finds enjoyment in taking her mother to different places and showing her things like a parent will do to a kid. She is ethnically a Chinese woman born in Hong Kong who grew up trilingual and went to an English immersion school. She then immigrated to Canada in her youth and has been working with languages for as long as she can remember.

“My biggest dream is to fully work remote and be location independent,”

she says. Rita is a representative of the free spirit who is at the same time professionally contributive to productivity.

Unlike Rita, Fiona Whiley does not have a remote job. So, “she travels whenever (she) can, and save like mad in between times while (she is) accruing annual leave.”

The Internet has brought us closer than ever. Its encyclopedic scope has served its users the world on a platter virtually, and these days, almost everyone has access to the internet. Therefore, whenever someone seeks a break, choosing a destination or booking the next flight takes not more than a few clicks. Fiona travels with her family, which constitutes a combination of parents, husband, siblings, cousins, uncles, and partners. According to her,

“going on a holiday helps because as adults leading busy lives, and living in different places, it’s hard to catch up. We can reconnect and just talk and spend time together making new memories.”

Amber Williams and her son Devin are on a mission of climbing ruins and scuba diving across the world.

“We’ve been climbing ruins and scuba diving in the cenotes in Mexico, I’ve spent some time in London, and we just returned from Cuba a few months ago. We are actually planning a return trip to Cuba towards the beginning of next year to scuba dive there as well.”

Prior to making a move and fulfilling their dreams, they sold their homes and settled in a new state. Amber reckons, “it helped to fund our new life with more traveling as I bought a foreclosure when my son was little and fixed it up.” Amber is someone who has clearly chosen spiritual enrichment over materialistic affluence. This is also one of the patterns that people who really are passionate about traveling, more than anything, follow.

A family that travels together stays together. So, to ensure a smooth ride with your family, here are some important tips, provided by these three experts in family travel, that you might use:

Ensuring lack of Disagreements: Fiona says,

when we plan a holiday together, everyone contributes ideas to the itinerary…Everyone is invited to the activity, but equally free to break away on their own if they want.

Traveling with Elderly Parents: In case you are taking your elderly parents with you, it is a good option to follow Rita’s path. She takes her 66 years old mother to those destinations which could be explored on a packaged tour so that she does not feel overwhelmed and instead concentrate only on the enjoyment of traveling.

Financial Tips: According to Amber,

You should always carry a little cash on you. At least, enough for emergencies. Some places do not accept card (like Cuba, if you’re American) but overall in most countries it’s advisable to use credit cards. If you shop around for credit cards you’ll find that some of them offer smaller, no, or refunded charges on international transactions. Those charges add up and can save you a nice chunk of change.

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