Most people wouldn't acknowledge this, but a gap year tremendously helps in sorting one’s life. The reason being, life is way more difficult and different than what books teach us. Traveling in a gap year is perhaps the best way to know, realize and experience life as it is. In the vigour of youth, shaping your worldview akin to the material reality is the best way to jumpstart your career.

The post-school and pre-college time period is perhaps the most distressing event to happen in a studentś life. Our education system leaves us confused about our next steps and the thought of the future further confounds us.

Students spend the first year of college coping with these very differences while in reality, they should have studied their choice of subject and excelled in it.

Essentially, the transition period should be spent fulfilling the lacks and gaps in our upbringing, education and understanding of life.

This is how traveling throughout the transition period (or better, if you have taken a gap year), will help you fare better in future:

Traveling teaches you to stop fearing all that is new. Our brains have a difficult time accepting the simple truth of life: change is the only constant.

While our education system should have made us masters at it, traveling supplements this deficiency. Intense traveling gets you used to surprises, detours, flaws in plans as once you start, you are going to face all of these, one by one.

“All the bumps and bruises are certainly a unique way to remember a trip! Nothing's going to stop me!”, said Meg, an extensive traveller whom we recently interviewed.

Traveling helps you get sorted as a person. We need to learn everything in life. Nothing comes naturally. When you are on the move, you are on your own.

You and only you need to take care of every small detail, from remembering to pack everything to buying all that you need for a trip, to taking care of your money.

This behavior gets into your bones and develops your thinking and perceiving faculties. This will help you choose the best-fitted career for you.

You grow as a person. Meeting all kinds of people, staying at their places, listening to their stories and observing their ways of life will make you more tolerant as a person.

You would realize your problems are so small in comparison to those, whose very survival is a challenge every day. As you learn to look at your life beside others, you become humble.

As problems go farther away, their solutions come closer.

__Traveling boosts your confidence while you create memories. __ Memories are all that makes us human, right? While you are busy making them, for you will meet so many different people down the road, it will also increase your self-confidence exponentially.

It settles in your mind that whatever the situation, you will manage it and this philosophy is central to faring well in life.

In the road of life, the only way is through. Nothing explains to you this simple truth more than traveling. Time traveled is never time wasted, contrary to popular thinking. It strengthens you as a human being, flushes out the suppressed tears out of your mind, and will help you achieve a perspective truly unique to this world, because you are. Traveling takes out your voice!


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