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Can Traveling Long Term Affect Your Relationship With Your Travel Partner?

Travel, for the most part, sounds like a breeze but while spending longer time on the road, between transits, missed flights, hunting down a decent accommodation and saving money to travel longer- frictions between two people aren't uncommon. These travellers and their partners seemed to have hacked that part to peacefully co-exist with the other.

Does Travelling With Kids Help Them Be More Independent?

Travelling as a family with kids can often raise a few eyebrows- "What about their education?" or "How would they become more social?" are the most common questions. But what if travelling as a whole family can help kids be more tolerant, learn from real world, be involved in decision making and make friends wherever they go?

How Art Inspires Travel

Art has always had a major role to play in shaping the travel industry. Art lovers and artists have long used their love to spot art in various parts of the world or allowed their passion for creativity to shape the way the world can be viewed. This article shares the view of travelers who use art to inspire travel.

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A little about us and a brief history of how we started.

Alicia Kapa is a Bachelor's student in Criminology and Māori Studies and Leah Stewart has a background in film-making and works as a complex care support worker. However, they are also full time thrill seekers who are on a mission to change the world through their videos of their travels, to show people more about disability, accessibility and travelling with a wheelchair.


Cerebral Palsy didn't stop Alicia and her best friend from trying a vertical bungy and taking their first trip together to Christchurch, NZ. There was no stopping them ever since from travelling the world together and documenting their adventures on their YouTube channel!

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Is couple travel a choice of common interests or more?

The answer to the purpose and takeaway of couple travel has unraveled in various aspects through the stories of a few vibrant travel duos that we have conversed with. Traveling the world with a companion is not a mere trajectory of common interests. It is in fact, much more with varied layers. Read on to find how!

Travellers With Love For Conquering Summits

For those with the passion for scaling mountains, the adventure has a whole new meaning. With each summit they conquer, travel becomes more about thinking on their feet and survival techniques that can help them push through in extreme weather conditions. But the adrenaline rush and sense of purpose that hits every time one reaches a summit make climbing an addiction that these travellers can't quite shake off.

How travel helps forge new friendships

Travelling has a ton of perks and building new human connections is one such. While on the move, our travellers affirm to the belief that often travelling has been able to help them meet more people and form deep impactful friendships.