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Travel Chat with Estrangeira (Fabia Fuzeti and Gabi Torrezani)

The following travel chat encompasses the travelling lifestyle of lesbian couple Fabia and Gabi in the light of their sexuality. Gabi, who works as a doula, couldn't be there for the interview as she had to rush to the hospital when an expecting mother went into labour. We talked to Fabia who let us into their world full of travel, respect for contrasting viewpoints, urge for equality and, most importantly, love!

Most LGBTQ-Friendly Countries

This article lists the countries that are aware, accepting and tolerant of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dos and Don'ts as an LGBTQ Traveler

LGBTQ travel is very important for community representation and to make the world more aware and accepting of people with alternative identities. However, there are still a number of places where being LGBTQ is not only unwelcome but also a punishable offence. This article lists all the dos and don'ts that community members need to abide by while traveling in certain parts of the world.

Traveler of the Month


Rafael Leick is a travel blogger and a communication specialist who started the first LGBT+ tourism blog of Brazil, Viaja Bi!. Rafael champions the cause of gay travel, can’t stress enough how important it is for community representation and works extensively with the community.

He likes to label himself as an LGBTQIA+ traveler. He says,

"Living how I live in Brazil makes me have a more open and human outlook. Curiosity is my inherent characteristic. So I discover destinations like any curious traveler. But I add a few other layers that are inexplicably attached with gay travel -prejudices, exclusions, struggles. I try to understand who people really are in light of all these so that I can translate it into a different reality."


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Is couple travel a choice of common interests or more?

The answer to the purpose and takeaway of couple travel has unraveled in various aspects through the stories of a few vibrant travel duos that we have conversed with. Traveling the world with a companion is not a mere trajectory of common interests. It is in fact, much more with varied layers. Read on to find how!

Travellers With Love For Conquering Summits

For those with the passion for scaling mountains, the adventure has a whole new meaning. With each summit they conquer, travel becomes more about thinking on their feet and survival techniques that can help them push through in extreme weather conditions. But the adrenaline rush and sense of purpose that hits every time one reaches a summit make climbing an addiction that these travellers can't quite shake off.

How travel helps forge new friendships

Travelling has a ton of perks and building new human connections is one such. While on the move, our travellers affirm to the belief that often travelling has been able to help them meet more people and form deep impactful friendships.