Traveling to Chile is so much more than what people generally know! From the vast mountain swathes to the ferociously beautiful coastlines, from beautiful hiking trails to mesmerizing nightlife, Chile will spoil you with choices. One of the safest places to be on the planet, it tops our list of best destinations in South America. Read on to find what awaits you there.

Since the long bloodbath under the Pinochet regime through the 80s of the previous century, Chile has come a long way. While nature keeps rejuvenating and growing over time, the longest country in the world boasts of vast swathes of immense natural beauty, which have mesmerized both the natives and foreigners alike. Chile doesn't grow old. It only increases in its elegance. If you are wondering which country to start visiting Latin America with, we would suggest Chile.

Chile never disappoints. It has something for everyone! From some of the richest historical places to one of the driest places on earth, to being home to ten different climatic zones, Chile has it all! Read on to find out why Chile is the Switzerland of South America.

Its vast and varied biodiversity.

For nature lovers and solitude seekers, Chile is the place to be. It welcomes you with all its natural wealth at any point of the year. It owes this rich biodiversity to the different climatic zones, ranging from the driest Atacama to the icy Chilean Antarctica region. This entire swath of land is therefore home to migratory birds, for Chile still has not gotten converted into a region of vertical cities comprising only malls and nothing else!

Despite its history, it is one of the safest places to be.

Today, Chile's infrastructure matches that of North America. The post-Pinochet regimes took as good care of public services, as they paid equal heed to safety, transport, roads, hospitals, increased forest cover and so on. Investment in all these sectors dramatically reduced the crime per capita across the country.

Santiago is the Trastevere of Chile.

While its remoteness would certainly charm you with all it has to offer, Chile does not fall short even if you are looking for life bustling with hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, art and nightlife. Surrounded by the Andes mountains, this city has colonial remnants much like every city of Chile. With every nook and corner looking back to history, the Capital city should be the destination where from your Chile exploration could ideally start.

The most authentic cuisines and wines.

Scotland and Italy may have been marked too high for Chile wasn't in the Eurocentric arena of deciding on the best cuisines around the world. Till the 90s, no one knew the magic Chileans have been brewing all their lives.

The Colchagua Valley in Central Chile, Elqui Valley in the north, Casablanca, and the Limari valley near the Atacama are all home to traditional wines coupled with authentic Chilean recipes such as Ceviche or the Chilean style hotdog, Completo.

Awesome hiking and skiing trails around Pucon.

The city situated in southern Chile is central to wonderful tours for hikers, skiers and it nears the still active volcano of Villarica. The trail of the volcano is a 1.5km trek Lake Villarrica, around which there are numerous caves. Adventure hikers, skiers and snowboarders have field days in Pucon.

The indigenous people and their harmony with nature.

The indigenous people who inhabit mostly in the regions of Araucania and Temuco would take you to a different world altogether. Nature is their home and they proudly protect it. They still live in traditional houses made with paja. A particular tribe, Mapuche, is best known for their weaving and textiles.

It is impossible to summarise Chile in a few points.

Hiking, mountaineering, climbing huge peaks, walking along the enormous coastline, taking on a biking trip from the south of the country to the extreme north, gobbling the tastiest of cuisines, discovering vast stretches of lands filled with thick forests, Chile will force you to go back again and again.

It is impossible to make just one trip to Chile! Happy travlyng!


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